About Add A Room

Add A Room is the brain child of two enthusiastic people who, over the course of a few years, became aware that there was a shortage of medium size property conversion companies able to fully appreciate the difference between – “converting a loft” and “Creating an exciting new space” maybe even “Your dream space”

Surprisingly, they discovered that combining the skills and experience of dedicated Craftsmen with modern commercial techniques plus an unprecedented level of customer care had previously been almost unheard of within the Building Industry!

Through the careful application of this formulae – The Directors have, in a relatively short period of time, created a much respected, steadily growing and successful organisation. A dynamic team of talented individuals – not so big that it easily looses sight of what flexibility and customer satisfaction are all about – and; not so small that it is constantly over stretched and unable to meet deadlines.

We aim to provide distinctive work and unparalleled quality based on 3 guiding principles:

Attention to detail and scrupulous principled supervision.

Clear client communication.

Quality people utilising the correct materials.

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